Alivio Cervical Neck Massager

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Avail instant and effective pain relief with this electric neck and shoulder massager. Fifteen minutes, that’s all it takes for it to gently ease your woes away.

Get rid of neck pain and soreness with our electric neck and shoulder massager. Your stress will evaporate within minutes.

This cervical neck massager endorses:

  • Sleek and minimalistic design
  • Multiple massage modes
  • Fifteen levels of adjustable level of massage intensity
  • Two suspended electrode plates
  • Soft silicone pads
  • USB charging port

This product is a portable electric neck massager suitable for any occasion, time or place.


Q. How often should you use a neck massager?

Answer-  Research has shown that when compared to getting 30 to 60minute neck massages once a week, getting 60minute massages manually or through using electronic massagers for neck, two or three times a week manifests greater benefits for those with neck pain and cervical pain problems.

Q. Are neck massagers good for you?

Answer- We have a lot of options and devices out today that claim to help you in relieving your neck pain and that they further help to relax your neck and local muscle groups. With different features like heating and temperature control, multiple massage modes and intensity control, these modern massagers also come in various sizes and styles. Though opting for a wireless neck massager is one of the wisest buying decisions you can make as they are compact in size, light-weight, come with a sleek U-shaped design, easy to carry, and usually comes with remote control and has USB charging ports that make it such a versatile product.

Q. What are the benefits of neck massager?

Answer- Apart from helping you to alleviate neck and shoulder pains, hand-held neck massagers can also contribute to keeping your muscles in good shape and further add to keeping you healthy. They not only help relieve muscle stiffness caused due to lactic acid group formation with your muscle fibers, reduces stiffness in muscle groups, encourages stress-relief and relaxation, induces proper blood flow and circulation, and also helps in improving your neck muscles’ flexibility and posture. Portable neck massagers are easy to carry and even more easier to use as they endorse minimalistic yet functional designs.

Q. How do you use a neck massager?

Answer- To use a neck massager, you first need to wipe clean your neck with a wet towel. After that, you put on the electronic neck massager making sure that the suspended electrode pads are properly touching the skin behind your neck. The neck massager is designed to maintain a constant temperature of 107℉ and comes with5 custom massage modes whose intensity you can regulate upto 15 levels. But make sure that the device is off when you first put it on. After putting on the wireless neck massager, use the remote control panel to select your desired massage intensity level and mode.

Now, it’s time to sit back, relax and let the neck massager do its job.

Note: First time users may feel more static as the skin needs some getting used to.

Q. Are vibrating massagers safe?

Answer-  It is highly unlikely that a vibrating massager can cause you any adverse effects. Vibrational therapy is a beneficial technology that believe that imparting regulated vibrations to affected muscles can help breakdown lactic acid groups and further helps to drain blood and lymph from sore muscles. And these wireless neck massagers are pretty safe considering the fact that all these appliances are initially tested for any anomaly and then are later rendered as approved.


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